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Server network SurfShark now completely diskless, why is this important for your safety on the internet?

by Kristin Wagner
A first for SurfShark: it is one of the first VPN providers with a 100% diskless server network. SurfShark has over 1700 VPN servers, across a wide range of countries, worldwide. This makes SurfShark one of the first VPN providers with a 100% diskless server network. According to the VPN provider, this leads the ongoing push for more personal and transparent practices across the field. Servers with an actual hard drive would be less secure, according to many, given that data stored on the hard drive may remain accessible.

Privékeys of hard disk servers  can be stolen

In doing so, privékeys of hard disk servers can be stolen from the server configuration. An attacker, according to SurfShark, could pretend to be someone who has legitimate access to the server, which is not necessarily the case por la mejores VPN para acceder a Netflix. Using RAM servers does not allow information to be physically removed from the server. In addition, according to the provider, it is also very easy in terms of maintenance: “Moreover, it can be easily and remotely wiped as part of regular security procedures”, according to SurfShark.

Continually looking to improve security practices

SurfShark says it is constantly looking for better security practices. Whereas NordVPN recently had a no-log policy test conducted by PwC Switzerland, SurfShark will soon have an independent security audit conducted for its two-factor authentication on all its applications. VPNpower will of course follow this closely and keep you updated like ExpressVPN @

SurfShark offer: 83% off

If you are planning to purchase SurfShark, now is the time. You can now save 83% with a two-year subscription. You will pay only € 1.69 per month. Standard there is a 30 days money back guarantee.

Use a VPN to get around a possible geographical blockade

In an earlier article on this site we already wrote about the possible problems of watching Ziggo GO abroad. In it, it became clear that this often does not have to be a problem within Europe, but that this is often the case outside Europe. However, you can – as we just indicated – use a VPN to bypass such’a blockade like happens to Express VPN Romania. This works as follows:
    1. Log in to a VPN provider (in the research for the best VPN for Ziggo GO, ExpressVPN came out best in the test)
    2. Choose a VPN server within Europe, the best is a Dutch one for optimal functioning
    3. Check your IP address, this can be done via our IP-checker tool, then return to the ZiggoGO app